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Powers mini-review

1 min read

Spoiler Alert: This review assumes you've read at least some of the comic.

So, the pilot for Powers was decent. The opening scenes had me thinking I may not stick around for the rest, but I'm glad I did. I'll chalk it up to some suit thinking there needed to a be a bunch of exposition up front because they think the audience is stupid.

I didn't agree with their choice for Olympia and was surprised that they went with that storyline out of the gate, but I guess that gives Retro Girl a chance to be a primary character. Some of Walker's behavior struck me as a bit out of character, but I've only gotten just past the Olympia storyline in the comic, so I recognize they might be pulling stuff in I haven't gotten to yet.

They could use a bigger budget for special effects, but overall it wasn't a bad start. If I had a PS4 I'd definitely keep watching. But I guess I'll just have to hope it comes to Netflix or Hulu some day.