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Its a  really great contest of article i really like it while designing a new website keelp in mind these things every time as these are the most important things now a days.

Don’t forget enhanced navigation: Google will begin search rankings based on your website's mobile version before searching for desktop versions. This makes it more important than ever for mobile UX!

Once you land on your page, navigation determines how many people can convert. Making it easier for users to access your website and find what they want will also improve the number of pages viewed by people, increase the length of your session and, of course, help you rank higher in the search results.

Site speed, Be fast: Speed is a component of optimization that is increasingly important. That means that if your page is slow to load, the search engines will probably limit your access to search engines, particularly those that function from slow connections. For professional always hire pro web design company Dubai that will helps you out in developing website by following the above 2 steps.

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